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Today, I cooked, ate lunch, dinner, by myself, and enjoyed today’s JackTV’s WWE shows.


Today’s list:

My Top 3 New Wave Songs (by a female fronted band)

1) You’re not the only one I knowThe Sundays

David Gavurin and Harriet Wheeler of The Sundays
[image source]

Back in college, my roommate in Molave Residence Hall (in UP Diliman) gave me a newspaper clipping of The Sundays, who just came out with Static and Silence CD that time. It was my birthday, and he said it was his gift for the occassion. I was the only guy in the four-man dorm-room with a radio/cassette player, and everyone else were overly familiar with the Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic album. He said David Gavurin was rather cute (my roomie’s gay, but uber-cool). Anyway, this smart ditty give me images of lyrical, Brit-flavored, sad love.

2) Who knows what love isStrawberry Switchblade

I never really lived the new wave days. The interest just really came pre-college, when I was getting into indie-pop music. Enter this charming goth-y pop girl-duo. I dusted my burned copy of their self-titled album, and it definitely didn’t sound as bad as a whole when I first played it.

3) Kiss me nowFruits of Passion

My old call center team leader was a big-new-wave-fan-turned-metalhead, and he had a couple of cd new wave cd compilations. He burned me copies, and I was greatly fascinated by this poppy song that could’ve been sung by Belinda Carlisle. I heard it was a hard song to come by, but there were occassions local radio station 103.5 KLite played it.

[Listening to: 10 James Orr Street – Strawberry Switchblade – Strawberry Switchblade (0:-1)]

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