On Desktop-based Management: Time and Music

Easy schedules with Rainlendar:

If you need a simple and lightweight desktop calendar/scheduler for your PC, I’d highly reccommend Rainlendar (No, silly, I didn’t have anything to do with it :mrgreen:) Why fire up bloatware programs just to check on your daily schedule anyway?

Now I get the hype: Mediamonkey is the shiznit!:

Mediamonkey is by far the only media player/music management software that makes it easy for me to organize and play songs, as well as scour and re-discover the less-played ones. Moreso, it has tag-editing 🙂 For that, it looks like Winamp will take the backseat for now. However, this means I have to find a plugin or an integration of some sort, so I can still maintain my ‘Listening to:‘ post footer (which works with w.bloggar, and either Windows Media Player or Winamp).

UPDATE: There’s a script to launch and play a song from Mediamonkey to Winamp. Takes 3 clicks for me now to add a music footer for my posts, but I guess its a minor incovenience.

[Listening to: Little League – Capn Jazz – Analphabetapolothology (3:56)]

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