The Treat

Today, after going through some necessary errands, I :

  1. Ate Sizzling Squid for lunch, the one served by Sizzling Seafood in the mall foodcourts. I usually hate ‘sizzling‘ food, but only those that serve rice on the sizzling plate. See, I tend to eat fast, and if my rice is too hot to put in my mouth, and I have to wait til it cools, I get easily irritated, and end up with a badly burned tongue.
  2. Bought a cheap, no-frills, black A4Tech optical mouse (300p). Considered buying a trackball instead of a mouse, but hesitated since I don’t see anyone sporting them contraptions anymore. NOTE: Be careful with buying what looks like a genuine Sony or IBM mouse, the ones that look like perfect, cute accompaniments to your laptop. Mine (supposedly, from a Sony Vaio set, complete with box) didn’t last long.
  3. Had a brutal spa treatment somewhere in Timog (its the clean, decent type, folks). First time in a steam room (vis-a-vis a sauna).

There really isn’t any occassion for this treat-to-myself, but I would like to pamper myself whenever I do get out of the house (which happens once or twice a week now), since I do live the semi-thrifty, bum life most days.

Oh, I also won a JobsDB privilege card. I seem to win at web promos, say, a third of the time. How about a nasty DSLR camera next time, oh god-o’-luck? 😕

[Listening to: The Radiator Hums – Cursive – (3:24)]

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