Back to the Good Ol’ Happy

Not a lot of new music excites me anymore. The dance-rock genre (Bloc Party, etc.) quickly rubs off. I’m re-listening to old mp3s of 4-5 years ago, which I downloaded via good ol’ Audiogalaxy, and when Napster was still free, but almost dead. Epitonic was also the ultimate, bookmarked site, but this was the time my web team hoarded bandwidth from the company :mrgreen: Most of the stuff are indie-pop, so its welcome back True Love Always, Eggstone, The Softies, Papas Fritas, and the excellent P.E.E. for me.

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FYI: Yuga uploaded a dat file of the GMA 7 coverage of the iBlog Summit. View his post and download link here (19.52MB).

My face would be covered by the video date/time stamp 😕

[Listening to: Princess and the Pony – Sean Na Na – (3:08)]

4 thoughts on “Back to the Good Ol’ Happy”

  1. TLA (True Love Always) is addicting. You’ve been warned.

    Or if you want sad sloppy shctick, ala-Jeff Buckley without the sing-along difficulty, get some Red House Painters.

  2. Ah, RHP is an acquired taste. They either excite or irritate people.

    P.E.E and Rainer Maria are great if you’re into indie rawk girl-boy duet groups. Too bad P..E.E.’s dead already 🙁

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