Crave and Rant

Pork Barbecue, served by the Beach House Canteen in UP Diliman
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For the UP Diliman student, the image above has got to be a familiar, and envious view. Yes, there are few things that can get me out of the house, out of my comfortable, jobless status, and get me to spend precious, precious bits of my money to make the trek to Manila. One of them could be a craving, and that craving was satisfied today 🙂

However, I’ve noticed how they’ve made the pork chunks smaller than before 😕


Film Review: Mac Alejandre‘s Say That You Love Me

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Mark just can’t act to save anyone’s life, but Jennylyn does give an okay performance, albeit overly done in some parts. She wears a really short skirt really well 🙂 Seriously, I’d love to see her out of this predictable mold.

Any expectations of a respectable movie were thrown out before I even got the tickets, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s entertaining, masa fluff, but well attended, and well received. I guess that’s a hoorah for local film producers, and the intended audience, but a big yawn-and-smirk for the filmgoer who wants to go beyond the formulaic.

[Listening to: When Sunny Gets Blue – Sarah Vaughan – (3:56)]

2 thoughts on “Crave and Rant”

  1. man that barbeque sure looks good….I’m starting to miss the barsilog in my previous company… think thick slices of meat on two barbeque sticks, with a scrambled egg on the side and a dash of atchara… 🙂 , I’d place the dish on my rice so that the sauce would stick to the rice… all for 50 pesos….

  2. Glad you liked it 🙂 I’m actually planning to buy a stovetop griddle to do some indoor grilling. No-hassle barbecues during the rainy season! :mrgreen:

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