Food Photo #4

It doesn’t take much skill to cook tortang talong, but I’ve always wanted my tortang talong to look nice, too. The kitchen was a mess while doing this one, and you’d wonder why such a simple dish should entail much effort.

Tortang Talong (with Sauted Pork Giniling Filling)
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Some insights:

  • I remember my mom grilling the eggplants over the stove to easily take out the skin. I boil them instead, keep them in the freezer, and hand-peel the skin.
  • I prefer to saute the pork giniling topping in onions and tomatoes first. It also takes out the fat.
  • I have a hard type frying things in whole, like fish, since they usually tear up. I used a wire strainer to pick up and keep ’em whole.
  • I figured out the best way to get the shell off a salted egg is to slice it in half with the shell, and just scoop the thing out of the shell.

More unsolicited cooking advice will come when I feel like it. Oh, yesterday’s ginisang ampalaya was pretty good, but not at all photogenic.

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  1. Thanks thanks 🙂 This probably is just one way for me to prepare people when they see me. You know, so they wont be surprised or anything :mrgreen:

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