My Top 20 Desktop Applications

Eek. I was to list only 10 😕

  1. bbLean – Abandon WindowsBlinds (or any similar application), this alternative windows shell gives you that new lean look, without resource hogging. Needs some getting used to, though.
  2. xmplay – If sound quality is a big thing, get this. Another resource-friendly little app, but it performs greatly with the default config. Never got Winamp to sound this good.
  3. Mozilla Firefox – It’s resource-hungry, this darling browser brat, but I haven’t really found any other acceptable replacement. Sorry, Opera.
  4. Adobe Photoshop CS – It works, and it works well.
  5. LeechGet – Ok, Flashget kicks major butt because of its very flexible download capabilities, but paired with Firefox, Leechget is every dial-up users’ download manager dream. Sorry, Star Downloader, but you did well, and no, I didn’t dump you because of Leechget’s pretty UI, promise. Well, partially, I guess.
  6. DynAdvance Notifier – I needed a system tray resident mail notifier for my Gmail and Yahoo account. Simple. No, I didn’t need it to be a mail app of any sort, too.
  7. AVG Free Edition – I know, its not the best anti-virus out there, but I’ve been using it for years, and I’ve never had any major virus issues. Small download updates, too.
  8. ZoneAlarm Free – Popular, and useful firewall.
  9. FeedReader – I’ve checked on other RSS Readers, and some seem to have had slow growth. This one appears to be in constant development, and I haven’t found any reason to take out the default feeds. However, looks like it only works with IE. Love the alert features.
  10. w.bloggar – Great blog desktop client, with good editing features. Sorry, Zempt (which works for WordPress users, too).
  11. Microsoft Anti-Spyware – it was a Giant product first, before Microsoft had its way with it. Sorry, Ad-Aware.
  12. TextPad – Not as geeky as the other text editors, but I’m not a programmer, and I just need the HTML tagging features, and tabs, of course. Apt in editing PHP files, too.
  13. IrfanView – For quick cropping and resizing of images.
  14. Picasa2 – Good image management, use it to import photos from the digicam. Sorry, Adobe Photoshop Album.
  15. FilzipBlogNote: Remind me to uninstall WinZip for this again.
  16. Windows Media Player 10 – Gasp. Yes. I use it for cd ripping, since it notes the track number. Sorry, dbpoweramp.
  17. vlc – Best cross-platform DVD/VCD player.
  18. DVD Decrypter (site offline) – Controversial little DVD ripping program, but its idiot-proof and has never disappointed me yet.
  19. floAt’s Mobile Agent – Best syncing program with my Sony Ericsson T610 and T68i. Show off to friends that you can use your mobile phone as a remote control for your PC, too.
  20. Flickr Uploadr – Pick an image/s, right-click, click on Send to Flickr, wait until it connects, and click Upload. Dead-simple.

Notice that only numbers 4 and 6 are not free.

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4 thoughts on “My Top 20 Desktop Applications”

  1. Mozilla Firefox is resource hungry??? that’s blasphemy! 🙂 kidding…but you’re probably right, ever since they got into v1.0 it seems like the footprint of firefox was getting bigger and bigger…… I ran into some trouble with firefox recently wherein downloading was taking forever… when I hit the clean up button of the download manager it speeded things up and made me not switch back to IE 🙂

  2. Dude, take for example, right now: I’m browsing, online on IM, have my usual other programs in the background -Firewall, AV, Mail Notifier, Anti-spyware, etc. – and when I check on my task manager, Firefox is the highest user of system resource at 38k. The closest competitor? svchost with 13k. I only have two FF extensions installed.I may have only 256mb of DDRAM, but this is really not funny. I’d expect this from a program lik Photoshop CS of course, but I expect better from Firefox, di ba?

  3. Yup, you hit the nail on the head there… I initially started out on mozilla myselft before switching to firefox for the smaller footprint. Looks like firefox is trodding down the same path as mozilla.

  4. Well, it was never signficantly less of a resource-hog than Mozilla Seamonkey/Suite, it was just trimmed of the mail and html editor features, hence, smaller download size.

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