Top 3 Reasons to Watch Discovery T&L


The Top 3 Reasons to Watch the Discovery Travel and Living Channel are:

  1. Megan McCormick (Globel Trekker) – The favorite Traveller. The pretty-nerdy type (a la X-Files Dana Scully?), with a hint of child-like enthusiasm with whatever she does, heightened by that charming squeaky voice.
  2. Nigella Lawson (Nigella Bites)- Aaaarghh! Gives a sort of big, Sarah McLachlan-ish sexiness to her. Licks spoons fairly too often.
  3. Merrilees Parker (Planet Food Presents) – ‘Scrumptious!‘ would be her favorite food description, and would be more than apt to define her TV presence, too. Watch out for the wardrobe, and utter skimpiness of it, sans the bastusin factor. Comparable to Megan as a geek babe.

Honorable Mention: Padma Laksmi (Planet Food Presents). Standard beauty-fare, delicate-looking female.


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4 thoughts on “Top 3 Reasons to Watch Discovery T&L”

  1. and my dream is to host a travel show naman… hehehehe! :-p not just watch but actually be there… *oh what a life… * hehehe!

  2. Nigella Lawson is to me, probably the closest representation of a kitchen-savvy Elizabeth Hurley 😉 maaaaaan she’s hot!

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