The War of the Worlds Original Radio Broadcast

Download the The War of the Worlds Original Radio Broadcast (1938) from The Mercury Theater on the Air page [Torrent file available].

Read the broadcast script here.

Heard it before on a Jessica Zafra show. Knew about the facts before that (from an H.G. Wells classic, performed by Orson Welles and company, caused listeners to panic and believe that there was an actual Martian invasion, etc.), but was never actually interested. Since Steven Spielberg decided make a film remake, I decided to impart this bit of info, as part of my contribution to debunking Hollywood projects that just don’t make sense.

UPDATE [5:50AM]: Dial-up users, its a painfully slow download, clocking at 4++ hours on my end. However, do note that you are acquiring a piece of history here. Pretty good analog-to-digital transfer, listening to the mp3 now.


I IM’d the discovery to good friend/ex-officemate J, and here’s what we thought:

rain says: you should get the file, and educate all them hipster yuppies
rain says: who think this is like the best thing since, uh, Independence Day 😆
rain says: wahahaha
J says: no, I want them, stupid and really dumb
J says: 🙂

Ahaha. Look at the sort of company I keep.

[Listening to: Lebanese Blonde – Thievery Corporation – The Mirror Conspiracy (4:48)]

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