Flickr or Multiply?

I’ve joined Flickr last June, 2004 (view my account/gallery here), and haven’t actively used the service for the initial couple of months. Once I realized that they offer unlimited space for photos, I’ve reconsidered. I really like the clean UI, the upload tools, as well as the community architecture it provides, but the photoset limit (of three, and I already have two) is a blow to my already wanting organization skills. Also, I’m less than a hundred shy of 200, which means that when I do exceed 200, the photos I uploaded before that will not be displayed anymore (though it will still reside in the system): this gives me a slight paranoia.

Multiply recently announced that they’ve upgraded their services for unlimited photo storage. However, Multiply has a very Friendster-like, community feel, which is a put-off on my end, but I’ll probably spruce up the content eventually, especially for photo sets. Maybe a secondary gallery, of just a dumpsite for photos I don’t really want to brag about.

Uhm, why would I want some third party service to host my pictures, when I actually subscribe to a proper host for the blog in the first place? See, I really have no plans to upgrade my basic, 75-pesos-a-month account for 75MB of webspace, with plogHost. I’m currently occupying around 40MB already. Believe me, I’ve had my share of installing and setting up a dozen-or-so gallery scripts, and it does take a big share of my hosting account.

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2 thoughts on “Flickr or Multiply?”

  1. I was a victim of the 200 photo limit imposed by flickr. Because of my eagerness to just upload everything on my camera, I forgot to read the FAQ. Still the 200 photo limit is enough. Anyway, you take very nice pictures you should host your gallery here. I think Flickr-Gallery plugin works. You’re using WP, aren’t you?

  2. Thanks for the compliment 🙂 Would rather have the gallery offsite, and since I don’t have a Flickr Pro account anyway, I dont think the plugin will be put to its best use.

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