Apology, Schmology

Read PCIJ’s article “Apology in a can of worms“, regarding Pres. Arroyo’s breakout speech on Gloriagate. I was never good in poltical analysis, so I’d rather link to people who do this for a living. Alas, their blog was recently hacked for making the Gloriagate audio files available.

Times like these, even the people most-hesitant-to-migrate-abroad (such as myself), would consider packing up and leaving.

UPDATE: Laugh out to today’s INQ7.net‘s banner headline on the same matter: Arroyo: Hello… It’s me.


Busy with a commissioned blog project that looked easy at first, but really required some good research to even conceptualize. Would like to see this push through, though.

[Listening to: Bottle Up And Explode! – Elliott Smith – XO (3:00)]

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