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Abe’s post got me ad-hungry again.

Resurrected my Amazon Ads. Implemented by dormant account at Clicksor. Applied and established a Xoom Affiliate setup. And, just a couple of hours ago, as if it knew I was ad-hogging that time, I got in the Chitika program I applied for weeks ago, a service where I can also display ads on my feeds.

Because of Google AdSense‘s strict policies, I’m pretty careful with how I display all the other ads, so I’m rather thankful that my chosen theme’s permalink page doesn’t show the sidebar. All the other ads are now well-placed, except Chitika. In order to show the feed ads, I would have to include the ad in my main post, too 😕 I thought I found a solution by using my just discovered and installed Hide or Cut Post Text WP plugin, wherein I could display the ad on the permalink page only, but I just can’t get it to work 😕

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8 thoughts on “More Ads-in-Blogs Talk”

  1. It took me more than a year to reach the $100 mark with AdSense. These new ad services though are a little promising. I’m actually reading postitive feedback the Chtika, but I don’t know where to put it 😕

    The other services I mentioned don’t need to reach $100 so they can send you a check, which is great.

  2. So far, AdSense seems to be the runaway winner in terms of payoff. I already got about 5 checks from Google since I signed up February last year. I got my break this month where I will get the check just for the month of June. I made a few bucks with my Xoom Affiliate but the PR company that handles the marketing used to advertise with one of my sites for $20 a month aside from the affiliate program.

  3. Abe: Thing is, the ads I have on my index page don’t change. They’re stuck on ads about blogs, rss, etc. I’ve emailed AdSense about this, hope to get a reply soon. Didn’t push through with Clicksor, since I’ve read the AdSense policies carefully, and it doesn’t look like I can put its format on the entire site 😕

    mr nice ash: Uhm, I don’t know. I think its my increased traffic. According to the WP Shortstats plugin, I get about 800-900 ‘unique’ hits a day.

  4. Rain,

    Yes, I reviewed the policies again and indeed you are right. Now, one cannot have two contextual ads on the same page. However, I have tweaked my AdSense codes now so that if ever there are no relevant ads (PSA ads only), it will alternately show the Clicksor ads instead. I am still evaluating if Clicksor is really worth it and if not maybe drop it in favor of AdBrite by next month.

  5. Abe: Also, the Clicksor site is oozing with spelling errors. And, what’s up with the Xoom application? Parang, uhm, ok, I just need the code to cut-and-paste to my site, and you give me all these pages to read 😕

  6. Yeah, I noticed that. And they don’t have enough contextual ad publishers to fill the ad spots. Most of the time, it’s just Clicksor internal ad.

    I am looking into AdBrite right now and maybe replace Clicksor if the hits aren’t that much. So far, I only a few of them and a couple fo cents of earnings.

    The Xoom is promising for long term referrals. Everytime the one you referred sends money thru Xoom, you get a cut in the fees.

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