So I went to Fort Santiago yesterday, and asked about the advanced photography workshop I’ve been hyping myself over with for the past couple of weeks, and they asked where I too basic lessons. Told them I haven’t, and said that my brother -who took their basic photography workshop years ago- and his company’s official photographer -upon seeing my photos online- said I could have a crack at the advanced workshop, instead of the basic one. So, I was asked, and this is me roughly quoting the question:

How long can you hand-hold a camera without blurring the image?

I’ve read about the rule, but never took it by heart. I said, I depend on a tripod. Wrong retort, of course. The rule is: to hand-hold a camera, your shutter speed is at least equal to your focal length. Drats. I was so keen on taking the basic workshop anyway, but I just had to listen to other people’s advise.

I can’t register for this month’s basic photography workshop as my consolation, since their slots are already filled up for this month, and the next one I believe would be middle of August. Double drats.


During the trek home from Manila, I had thoughts of buying another film SLR camera. This time, a more recent one, semi-pro grade. However, I am well aware that I’d be spending around 5 digits for that. So its mope-mode until now.

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4 thoughts on “Bummer”

  1. Meron akong lumang Nikon film SLR. Bigay ng tatay ko. Ngayon ko lang pinaginteresan gamitin. Maganda sana kaso namamahalan akong magpa print. Kaya Kodak c7330 nalang gamit ko. Gusto ko sanang matuto mag dark room developing. Nagtuturo din ba sila?

  2. What Nikon model? If you’re used to digital talaga, you can just go to the bigger photolabs and ask them to develop your negatives, and scan them, to be burned on a cd. That’s what I do.

    I’m not exactly sure if they teach that for basic, pero alam ko sa advanced, oo.

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