Then: Oz and Floyd, Now: Nightmare and Tool

From Cinemtical:

Have you ever watched the Wizard of Oz while listening to Pink Flyod’s Dark Side of the Moon? Me neither, but everyone tells me it’s a special experience.. Today someone pointed me to the newest craze, a torrent copy of Tim Burton’s A Nightmare Before Christmas synced up to Tool’s Lateralus.. The uploader calls it “trippy” and says it’s worth the download [source]

Sadly, I don’t have a personal copy of the movie, nor the album, so I can’t indulge in the experiment myself. Though, it wouldn’t be a hard sell for fans, who are familiar with Tool’s amazing clay animation music videos.

I do like Burton [search results on this blog for previous entries about Tim Burton], and Tool as well. IMDB points out Burton’s Corpse Bride is currently in post production. Haven’t regarded Tool’s Maynard James Keenan‘s A Perfect Circle as good, or as powerful as Tool, but he’s still provides interesting output.

[Listening to: War Ensemble (Live) – Slayer – (5:32)]

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