On WP Theming

I’m semi-sick of looking at and figuring out Blix‘s TWO stylesheets (why 2?! WHY?!) for my blog raket. So, I treated my local/PC-resident blog to some themes I might implement soon:

  • Giraffe – Damn, this is good. You can also download a plugin where you could implement some basic tweaks (primary color of theme, font size, display with or without logo, etc.) from the admin panel. Doesn’t look like I could have too many items on my sidebar, though.
  • Rin ver. 1.1 – Yes, its the same theme that this blog is using now, but I’m curious to know what kind of revisions were made. Wasn’t aware the new version was released, just a few days ago.

I’m in the market for a 3-column layout, too.

Also installed a theme-switcher plugin, though, I’m not seeing a lot theme-switchers on WordPress blogs lately. Hmm, baka laos na? 😕

UPDATE: Kubrick 2 (K2) is also out.

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