Another 90s Music Trackback

I regard the 90’s rock scene as an immature, lopsided, but likable behemoth. Admittingly, I still listen to Smashing Pumpkins, and Stone Temple Pilots, but I was the only kid in my provincial high school I know who got semi-sick of grunge, and was figuratively pummeled to death with elation when I heard Pavement‘s “Unseen Power of the Picket Fence” from a tape I bought. There has got to be more like that out there.


I’ve had very few reasons to fire up a P2P program to scour for mp3’s. Last time I did, it was because I was missing songs by by the wonderful band James (of the movie American Pie’s Laid fame). I suddenly found myself in a brief “I-have-to-convert-all-the songs-on-my-tapes-to-mp3s”. Sadly, I don’t even have the proper tape player equipment to do this. Oh yeah, we once did, but my dad burned the entire thing.


Sugar songs are distorted-sweet and powerful.

[image source]

The memories of post-Husker Du Bob Mould and co. convinced me to fire up Limewire. I do recall trying hopelessly to riff through Helpless with a chord pattern from a songhits.

Bob’s also got a very updated, and very gay blog over here. Curiously -I mean, it looked like a normal, rockfan stream-of-thought, you know- Rob Halford doesn’t blog.

[Listening to: Helpless – Sugar – Copper Blue (3:05)]

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