A Monday Briefing

  • I’m on my second week of working on the commissioned blog raket. Pretty happy with the output for the night’s work.
  • Can’t believe I haven’t done this before: Play all my mp3s in random order. All 4,000+ of them.
  • Implemented some PHP code to display AdSense ads (which doesn’t always display all the ads I set up) on the first three posts. Just like Yuga‘s. Happy to note the revenue is constantly increasing each day, and I don’t have to do zit.
  • I’m back on quezon.ph‘s blogroll. Woohoo. Astig.
  • Enter the oh-so-timely TomCruiseisNuts.com [via Cinematical]

  • Currently using a dormant Tanager phone for my Globe prepaid subscription. Unlocked the unit myself. Ahh. Feels good to do stuff like this again.
  • I’m a self-registered ‘delegate’ to the Adobe Creative Suite 2 Seminar this Thursday, and I’m the only person I know going there. My hesitations are: being ridiculously out-of-place, and being asked what I do for a living. I’ll be calling them Greenbelt people later and ask if this is an official event, too.
  • [Listening to: Grace Cathedral Park – Red House Painters – Retrospective Disc 1 (3:52)]

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