On the Adobe CS2 launch, new music, and sacrifices

I was late for the Adobe CS2 Seminar/Launching yesterday in Makati, so I had to place myself on a rearmost seat. I probably missed half of the Photoshop lecture, but the whole day’s barrage of info, as well as those free, fat-filled McDo burgers, was well worth it. I had to go to StarMall to, uhm, [fill this space up yoruself] and my fear was confirmed: I didn’t meet the system requirments. Sadly enough, I think the other slot of my motherboard for RAM is busted.


What I’d like to call as the ‘Shaw (MRT Station) cd scene‘ before, when I was working near the area, was comprised of one dude who sold metal/’underground’ cds. A few months ago, he left the area. Yesterday though, I was happily surprised that there was now more than one stall in the place doing the same thing the dude did. Sadly, still, no Team Sleep, so I had to compensate. Bought Interpol‘s Antics, and My Bloody Valentine‘s Isn’t Anything. Interpol is effing good, I tell you; both their MTV-fied singles got me sold.


Gave up my slot at PhotoWorks, the Leo Avila photography workshop. It boils down to a matter of personal economics, really, and knowing what to prioritize. Still sucks, I know.

[Listening to: C’mere – Interpol – Antics (3:12)]

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