On Pinoy Top Blogs, tripe goto, etc.

  • Join Pinoy Top Blogs (and vote for me in the process! 😀) via icon/link:
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  • Installed Photoshop CS2 only from Adobe CS2, since a cheap 256MB RAM upgrade wouldn’t do: the other RAM slot on my motherboard seems to be defective, and my next best option is to get 512MB worth of RAM instead. Ach. Not now. Can’t get the fancy Adobe Bridge feature to work, too 😕
  • Successfully made tripe goto for dinner yesterday. Choked it, no-mercy style, with ginger, so I had to pick a lot of that while eating. No photos, since I’m not loving photography so much now.
  • Curious, click-worthy Boing Boing links: Plan 9 From Outer Space available on Internet Archive, Coffee cup mouse, and Three-headed ant on eBay.
[Listening to: A Question Of Lust – Depeche Mode – (4:07)]

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