Ubuntu Shangri-la!

Look at what the neighbor -who receives the mail for us, since it always looks like no one’s at home- gave me a few minutes ago, shipped from The Netherlands:

10 cds for Intel x86
2 cds for PowerPC
2 cds for AMD64/EM64T

*The Ubuntu distro is distributed with two cd’s -Installation CD and Live CD- for any of the above systems.

It was rather far-fetched for Ubuntu to send out FREE cd’s like this, with NO SHIPPING CHARGE, so I exaggerated my orders 🙂 The Live CD works perfectly with my Athlon XP system, it even detected my soundcard 🙂 Fingers are now itching to do an actual install.

For more info: www.ubuntu.com
To request free Ubuntu cd’s: shipit.ubuntu.com

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8 thoughts on “Ubuntu Shangri-la!”

  1. Mine arrived last may pa. Mga sampu lang orders ko at isang 64bit version. Ayaw gumana ng live cd sa laptop ko kaya wala. Pero nagamit ko yung windows apps na kasama – The GIMP. Wala na akong Photoshop eh. Nasama sa pag reformat ko ng hard drive. May humiram ng installer na hindi binalik. Kaya wala. GIMP nalang. OK naman eh.

  2. ang cool naman nung ubuntu-thingamabob.. i just love free stuff, even if i know nothing about that software yet 😀 thanks for the info though 😀

  3. If you haven’t used Linux, or easily get intimidated by it, all you have to do is set your PC to boot from your cd drive, pop in the Ubuntu Live CD (not the Install CD!), and let the thing blow your mind! 🙂

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