Part goofy, Part business talk (Part 4)

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Taking advantage of yesterday’s holiday, my brother and I went around and along the vicinity of McArthur Highway, roughly from Monumento towards Bulacan, to search for a place for the necafe biz, which my kuya now refers to as an internet lounge, since I pitched in the slight edge we could have if the place could be a social gathering area of sorts.

Looks like we’re headed off to a non-emphasized gaming place, too, since I did emphasize no one among us could be stamped with a ‘gamer‘ tag, therefore, no cred, and dufus-material to manage it. I mentioned I’d like to give off the Katipunan netcafe feel -which I sometimes lived off last few years in college- and deploy it to somewhere uninitiated, near a school, and even provincial. Probably too high-end of an idea to initiate, but I’ve begun to shun at hole-in-the-wall pc, unilluminated gaming places, with the facade recognizable only because of the gaming posters. It’s generic. I honestly would rather have the bleached-white blandness of those urban copy centers.

I’m still weary going full-on with this, though, but I guess if we do find, and settle for a good place, it will be my time to rock.


PS: I’m still open to other business ideas though. But where else can you have me -and only me, since hiring an employee is not that engaging as of now- man the entire business in front of a PC monitor all day?

Photography studio, or something related to that? Dude, that’s expensive. I’m not even semi-semi-pro grade of a photographer to handle that.

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  1. i remember sacha chua’s idea (she’s willing to have someone beat her to the punch) a cybercafe for nerds: it’s not going to be easy money…but 1) your hardware requirements are going to be lower and 2) you’re not going to have grief from local ordinances banning gaming cafes from school zones and their eherm…selective implementation from corrupt policemen.

    you can specialize in web programming and web design, or simply the skill that will give you an edge. parents are going to love you, schools will want to have you. not all the kids will go to your place, true…but you’ll have good karma 🙂

  2. Thanks for the input, man. Re hardware: I’m having second thoughts pursuing the thin client setup, since if I have expandable terminals, I’ve got leeway to do more stuff. Of course, there’s this thing about OS and software licenses. Is the ‘non-white’ market a more cost-efficient way to get this? I’m just a little fearful that my capital -my parents’, actually- will be taken away from me.

    Wala bang UP-like or, err, Ateneo-like academic community sa Bualacan? Long shot, pero nagbabaka-sakali lang 🙂

  3. Wala bang UP-like or, err, Ateneo-like academic community sa Bualacan? Long shot, pero nagbabaka-sakali lang

    try mo sa parteng malolos. malapit sa Bulacan State Univ. at Capitolio

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