Feed the skillz

Rid with boredom, I went through my installers and fired up my collection of music editing/mixing software, and installed an old version of FruityLoops. Created loops that weren’t even nearly dance-like. Dare I say, the loops seemed to be gritty rendering of Radiohead, starting from the Kida A era.

What’s the ideal setup for a starter DJ software rig nowadays, anyway?


Back more than a year ago, he and I, officemates of a god-foresaken call center account, shared a fascination of electronic music. We started toying on the idea of putting up a DJ duo of sorts, and depend on computer software and whatever samples we can take. Never materialized, but if ever I get filthy-and-rich, at least I have a cohort in this unrealized project.


Way back, three to four years ago, my DJ-deck on a PII box was comprised of Hammerhead, and eventually Tuareg.

[Listening to: Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong – Radiohead – (4:40)]

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