Testing IE7

Download it here.

Also, instead of overwrting your current Internet Explorer, follow the instructions below to run the app without installing it (via this PEX thread):

  1. Once the IE7 installer file is downloaded, extract the files via WinRAR, or any other archiving software that can extract an exe file.
  2. Open the folder where you extracted the IE7 files, and delete the file SHLWAPI.DLL and the folder Update.
  3. Open a text editor, like Notepad, and save a blank file as IEXPLORE.exe.local to the IE7 folder.
  4. Click iexplore.exe from the IE7 folder 🙂

My verdict? Still slow browsing on a dial-up, New tabbed function is awkward, layout of menu bar and tabbed window headers is clumsy. Feed functions and search don’t seem to work yet. Duh.

[Listening to: Nobody Does It Better – Radiohead – (3:22)]

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