On ‘Pinoy.Tech.Blog’ and netcafe raids

The Pinoytechblog project Yuga started seems to be going well at its initial stages. I volunteered myself as a reviewer, and I just finished writing a first draft for an article. Here’s hoping things go well over there.


J told me there have been frequent raids of netcafes in the Caloocan and Valenzuela area, and I guess its easy to assume that its because of pirated OS’s. Valenzuela is/was a possible location that my brother and I are actually looking into, since we could also rent business space and living quarters, which will be vastly beneficial to him going to work.

For someone with good, but not necessarily abundant, capital, getting legal Windows licenses kills.

If only there’s a hint that the multitude of Filipinos would be ready for open source OS’s and apps, I wouldn’t be cosntantly worrying about it

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5 thoughts on “On ‘Pinoy.Tech.Blog’ and netcafe raids”

  1. I would like to shamelessly volunteer but I do not where to put myself. I don’t get to buy new gadgets too often. That hinders me for reviewing. I hope store will willingly lend me their stuff to be reviewed. Isn’t that a nice idea. They let me borrow their stuff for review and in return they get to be mentioned in the review itself.

  2. Funny nga rin, ngayon pa ako nag-volunteer para dun, e wala akong ganang mag-blog. Walang mai-blog ng matino.

    Tingnan mo na lang yung format ng Engadget, mukhang posible e kahit wala ka talaga gadget. Pinakamadali na lang siguro mag-review ng mga PC software.

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