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After seeing a Blogbinder ad, clicking on it, and refreshing myself on what it offers, something struck me: based on the techie-driven direction this blog has taken, if ever I do embark on having a print version of it, only 15-20% of it will be actually ‘worth printing‘. mostly consisting of some personal posts, some music and film reviews, a picture here and there. On hindsight, everything else would be fluff.


Of course, the best blog-on-paper I’ve seen would be Cometbus. But no, it wasn’t a blog before printing: its a punk zine, and gloriously handwritten, too. I have a couple of copies I never got to return to a zinester couple who helped me write my college thesis (‘A Qualitative Study on Zines and the Pinoy Youth Culture‘ ;)), but I do plan to mail it back, soon. Really.


For comic collectors/special order book buyers: where’s the best place to order books? No plans to go to eBay, and I’ve hesistantly inquired at Powerbooks again, even though I did try to order from them my intended book -Aaron Cometbus ‘Despite Everything: A Cometbus Omnibus‘- a few years back. Been patient for almost a year of not getting my order, and just decided to take back my initial deposit despite a pending re-order.

[Listening to: Fallen Angel – Elbow – Cast of Thousands [UK] (4:07)]

2 thoughts on “Blog to paper”

  1. hi rainier! your name was mentioned to me 10 years ago when i was in a religious org in UP who wanted me to follow up on you.i didn’t, because i left the org due to my disappointment with the religious establishment.Thank God,i’m better off as a result.

    a few months ago,claire and pao,good friends of mine,mentioned your name to me again.i operate a small press distro here in San Pedro,Laguna but distribute our titles in Metro Manila.would be glad to get in touch with you.

  2. Hi Erick, thanks for visiting. Uhm, follow up on me on what? Did Paolo and Claire mention me in a good way (hehehhehe)? If you need anything, you can use the contact form on the ‘about/contact’ link on the front page to email me.

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