On TV: Wonderfalls

Finished watching the pilot of Wonderfalls on Star World a few minutes ago, and found myself quite, uhm, delightfully amused. See, I semi-regularly do catch the sitcoms -half of which are disposable, but watchable- on Star, since provinical cable doesn’t offer a lot of options.

Set in a souvenir shop in Niagara Falls, the unambitious and bitter-with-life Jaye Tyler (Caroline Dhavernas) suddenly discovers that a malformed instant-mold lion speaks, but only to her. Afterwards, more random inanimate objects blurt random phrases, and sing-to-annoy. She follows them, and unecplicably random, unappealing events ensue, but in conclusion, everything turns very nicely.

I’d say, fifty percent of the content is typical of an American comedy series, but the other half comes from clever writing. Caroline Dhavernas gives a lovely, distinct impression, in a realm where cleavage and/or skin matters (but hers doesn’t have to show to matter). Sadly, only 13 episodes of the show were produced, and 4 epsiodes were shown. Here’s hoping Star World will do the viewers good service, unlike Fox (screw ’em), where the show was initially aired.

And featuring the 65 year old Viewmaster toy just nicks a smile in my face.

[Listening to: Red – Elbow – Asleep In The Back (5:11)]

3 thoughts on “On TV: Wonderfalls”

  1. whoaaaaaaa… so that’s the viewmaster u’ve been asking me…
    damn, i miss that toy!!!!
    gosh, u were deprived of playing with a viewmaster????? tsk tsk tsk


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