On SFD and Tux shirts

From PTB: Want to know about free and open source software? Join the Software Freedom Day – September 10, 9am-5pm, PUP Sta Mesa CoE AVR. Register here.

I’m actually interested in going, but the feeling that I’ll just be a wannabe geek in a pool of true-blue geeks is daunting.

And, if you’re in the search for a Tux shirt without ordering it online, here’s somewhere you can go to:

The Bayanihan Linux Store

They got XL men’s sizes 🙂 Must go there soon!

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3 thoughts on “On SFD and Tux shirts”

  1. Please join us =) There will be a lot of students there. Besides we’re there to demonstrate free and open source software.

    I am not that technical a person myself. Still a newbie in a lot of ways but with free and open source software, we are all learning these things in various levels =)

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