Offline text-editing

I applaud the Hipster PDA concept, but find myself neglecting the one I made. If you’re like me, there really isn’t a lot of tasks to jot down and accomplish.

Here’s another online spark/source of inspiration:

I thought I had something going on by preferring French-made, cheap Bic ballpens as my preferred writing tool. Yesterday, I had to fill up a house-survey, which had fields arleady filled up, not by ink, but by good ol’ pencil. Do I have a pencil in the house? Apparently, there’s one, and its approximately an inch long from tip-to-tip.

See, none of us are engineers -schooled, that is- or sketch-artists, so that could mainly be the reason we don’t care much about Mongols or mechanical pencils. Now, I think, I could take that online-inspired spark and make fire out of it! Haven’t been a big fan of my penmanship, but I’ve been getting tired of spending each waking day typing on the keyboard, and clicking the mouse. I do have some 1/32nd-filled Sterling notebooks lying around.

[Listening to: Six Days – DJ Shadow – (6:48)]

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