Minor site updates

Since all this cutting entries from the main page -the uso thing, I guess; bloggers who do this, like me, I suppose, would like to increase the probability of AdSense revenue from the post pages, hence the need to cut entries- drastically shortened the entry part of the index page vis-a-vis the sidebar, I decided to trim out the sidebar content. First to go was the non Adsense ads. Then it was the blogroll/links, but then, I didn’t want to get rid of it totally. Locating it at another page wasn’t as simple as expected. A plugin to run PHP scripts wouldn’t suffice.

So, here’s the Links Page plugin to the rescue.

I’m not a fan of dropdown menus, but the default setting does show all the Links, so I found it to be satisfactory for my purpose. Right now, the Links link is semi-blindly located at the top right corner of the site.

There was one nagging issue that I couldn’t see the cause of: once you’ve changed your permalink structure to something else, and create a new page, say, with ‘Links’ as title, the ‘http://mysite.com/links’ URL will not work. The permalink structure has to be changed to default, and set to your customized permalink structure again.

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