Born of Frustration

Frustrated with my current jobless situation, I’ve gone again to the jobsites to look for some form of agreeable employment. Again, I used the ‘content‘ search string in doing the job searches. Yes, I’m somewhat eager to get back to developing/writing web content, though, right now, I’m at an all-time low in my confidence as a copywriter, which is essentially what is done in the mentioned job function. Therefore, the hesitations are drowning me to even click on the Apply button.

I hesitate to blame my 3++ years call center job, but I’m not finding any reason not to point a finger at it. Do I want to get back and seek employment in a call center? I will be, if it was at least a entry-level management position, and I only have to take a jeep to get there, which definitely narrows my choices down to that position I applied for in July. No calls were taken, and the status of the job shows on the jobsite as vacant. Phooey.

Ergo, call center jobs bury your dreams.

Then, there’s the business I’ve been bragging about, trying to plan out for a few months now: I want this, no questions asked. Netcafe? Not enough capital. Food? That’s uncharted terrain, though its definitely worth considering. Online business? I’ve been offered recently to be a partner in a really tiny startup, which on hindsight looks fine, but I’ve hesitations on a lot of online services right now, since there is almost always a free alternative. Since the most viable thing here is to work from home, that fact brings up another issue: I’m on dial-up.

Photography? I probably would be seriously considering it with a proper DSLR camera. These days, I even hesitate to use film, since I barely can allot a budget for anything right now. Major expenses for me would be prepaid internet and call cards, and the insanely expensive commuting fares.

I know, I’m just ranting. The only genuine smile that came to me lately was when I found out I take decent people pictures, and the arrival of my Google AdSense check. Argh.

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7 thoughts on “Born of Frustration”

  1. Rain, with your talent, it shouldn’t take long till you land into a dreamjob. Pero shempre, always be ready and keep your eyes open… take anyjob muna for the meantime and then doors will open for you.

  2. Marc: I’m interested… I think. Oh crap. Yeah, I’ll look into it. You going to the meetup tomorrow, right?

    Kim: Thanks man. That sort of brightened up my day, but… talent in doing what?

  3. Hay dude. Minsan ayoko masyado tumanggap ng ganyang comments dahil…. pakiramdam ko limited ako sa resources, na-stunt na ang growth ko, or whatever potential I have as a budding amateur photographer. Ewan ewan ewan. Wala na akong ambisyon sa ngayon maging litratista. Grrr.

    Pero seriously, salamat din sa, suporta 🙂

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