Blog under construction

Will be changing themes througout the day (or longer), so if the site will look wonky, you know why.

Oh, and if anyone comments its the same template now being used by some other pinoy blogger, I told him about the theme first, ok? 🙂

9 thoughts on “Blog under construction”

  1. Ganda ng theme na to ah. Magaya nga. Sira yung site ko eh. Wala. Wipe out na. Ubos yung mga entries ko. Tinatamad na akong mag design ng bago.

  2. Nagwebhost reseller ako eh. Bumili ng static ip. Pinakialaman ang dns. Ayun pati account nawala. Hindi nga rin marecreate eh dahil existing pa yung acct. WHM panel doesn’t give a way to delete it either. Hintay ko nalang tech support ng seller ko. Kaya ngayon ang site ko ay redirected sa site ng isa kong client.

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