for pinoy hobbyists, by pinoy hobbyists

Ok, so the tagline borders on really tacky, I know.

But the site is up for viewing, and competent enough according to its founders (ahem) for a soft-launch.

It all started with Kim being a bit excited with the group blogging post I did a few days ago. After agreements and arrangements were done over Google Talk, Kim’s funds spent to give the project a domain name and hosting, and convincing Flickr Pilipinas group -all the site authors came from that collective- members to join in, this is where we are at now. So far, so good, I’m real thankful that everyone did get the concept easily.

I plan to soar low on this one, though, and just let everyone else build up the content.


I’ve finally (?) settled on a subdomain blog setup, posed as a cinema + music + culture zine. Yes, its just a solo project, but I’ve some small hopes for this one.

[Listening to: What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 3) – DJ Shadow – (3:07)]

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