Self portrait # 3

Tired of faux-posing with cameras, so I went faux-in-yo-face instead. This is a submission to the recent theme in the Pilipinas Flickr group, where all the bloggers of comes from.



Reminder to self: BUY FILM. Scour for the Solid Gold brand if you have to. You must produce images out of that months old Dirkon camera you made, ok?

UPDATE: Film bought. Thank dog I found Solid Gold film near a palengka. 200ASA nga lang; I was aiming for 100ASA.

[Listening to: Dancing Queen (ABBA)- The Sugarcubes (0:33)]

4 thoughts on “Self portrait # 3”

  1. Nye. Photoshop lang yang ‘edgy daw’ epek na yan 🙂

    Alamin mo lang yung basics, like rule-of-thirds, tapos learn to slowly un-follow the rules. Tsaka, kung tutuusin nga, wala talaga sa camera din e. Yung gravatar icon ko, peyborit ko, pero kuha lang yan ng MCA-30 na camera attachment sa isang ancient SE T68i.

    Bayaran nyo ako magpa-seminar 🙂 Hehehehe. Di naman mataas sisingilin ko e :p

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