Pinoy Netcafe Trouble, and other life issues

Since I was so into the netcafe biz owner mold a few weeks back, and realized that it’s better to abort the idea for now, the news that the netcafe raids have gone full-force, effective September 16, comes off as more than news to me. Moreso, owners are now opting to switch to free OS alternatives to just keep their businesses open, sans MMORPG’s and LAN games.

Care for some unsolicited business advice? Install Linux and on your computers, sell some units, and use the money to buy the latest gaming consoles.


May raket na naman ako! Nothing major, and nothing that my DVD shopping list can easily wipe off.


Set some new rules for For non-Flickr Pilipinas members who’re interested to become a blogger for that site, keep your undergarments on.

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4 thoughts on “Pinoy Netcafe Trouble, and other life issues”

  1. i suggest pushing with the opensource software… as far as network gaming, andaming mga linux versions ng mga ibang games na pwedeng pausuhin like UT2004, battlefield… mmorpg’s naman wala pa akong alam na may linux distro version. pero good luck sa plans mo rain.

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