Hold that thought. Yes, that one

… and read on:

Opera is now officially FREE, and Ad-FREE; and
The GP2x: A Too-Good-To-Be-True Linux-Powered Handheld

That’s two more than my 2-post-a-week quota at PTB.

Speaking of PTB, AnP‘s article here reminds me how important it is to be part of a blog network nowadays. PTB’ers, we, or whoever, needs to establish that blog empire we talked about last time already.

Oh, can Litratista.org join that empire, too? 😉 Promise we’ll be nice!


First ever attempt at pinakbet looks like bagoong with veggies, which it essentially is, I know, but what I did just made it so obvious. Kuya bought okra, and I didn’t know what to do with it. Don’t remember any instance that I ate it, and when I did a few hours ago, it dawned on me that this isn’t a veggie-to-eat-everyday; it just isn’t.


Oh and YOU. YOU know who you are. Tell me you’re ok, that you just don’t feel like talking. I worry about YOU immensely. I’m at my most miserable now not knowing what’s happening to you.

[Listening to: Lord, Kill The Pain – Red House Painters – (6:03)]

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