My Five-Thing List

Top 5 College Dormmates

  1. The roommate who listened to White Lion (but he knew the first lines of Skin and Bones from The Sundays, because I always play the tape)
  2. The roommate who was so pissed off with me and White Lion guy for dumping all his kalat inside his cabinet because we waited for chicks to come to our room during open house
  3. The guy who pocketed hopia periodically from the dining hall
  4. The hardcore Christian girl we all love for her visible tan lines
  5. Kaloy who played basketball in torn Chucks and pink socks

This list is inspired by 5ives. Funny guy.

Oh, I’m not aiming for funny. Amusing will do.

[Listening to: Heather, Tell Me Why – Rocketship – A Certain Smile, A Certain Sadness (3:29)]

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