Polaroid Me/Blogs of the Day

I like taking pictures of myself because I barely have any friends. There. Just to think I’m barely a certified geek.

Click on the image for a larger view, and more info and how I made it.

This is also serves as my second submission to Flickr Pilipinas group’s Self-portrait theme for September.


Possessing a renewed interest to get into shooting stuff again with my film cameras, I badly need to peel myself off the computer chair. I was reminded of this guy who owns this blog. Seems like a nifty ol’ chap; I saw him recently give Amand Griffin his walking tour on a Ch. 23 show. Also, there’s this guy who gives walking tours, too, and also owns a blog. Binondo and related-food looks like his specialty, and I’ll give him oodles of credit for that.

Oh, and their blogs are a delight to read. Yes, they are. Makes you wonder why all the fuss around web design, when content is the hands-down king of the site factors.

[Listening to: Je n’en connais pas la fin – Jeff Buckley – Live A L’Olympia (6:27)]

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