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Have to clean my moldy camera cases. There’ll be a groupshoot later tomorrow with the ToyKameraPilipinas people, around Quiapo. This’ll be definitely a money-muncher -film, food, etc.- but groupshoots always ease the mood of people-possible-subjects, since they’d assume you’re part of a camera club, and they’ll probably see their faces plastered somewhere. My photography mentor-of-sorts Jay will be joining the group, which was the kicker to convince me to leave my Bulacan abode, and bask in the urban Manila stench.


I’m on my third blog-driven site raket. Almost done with the last one, which really didnt entail a lot of effort, except for the headache that is the buggy Blix theme. The new gig appears to be a full-blown site, but it looks manageable.

TIP: The Customizable Post Listings WP plugin looks like its going to be in constant use with my freelance, commissioned work. The deal: it displays recent posts per category, an easy workaround if it looks like you’ll have to set up many static pages. User management-wise, I also think this makes things easy.


I find myself always blogging somewhere else most of the time now (yes, that means PinoyTechBlog, and, though I do manage to post Asides entries now and then. For the uninitiated -he/she who bats an eyelash re my unconventional Squible-powered site- the Asides posts linger on the bottom right corner; one or two-liners that don’t quite make up full blog entries.


MommyDaddyAte: Sana nagbabasa pa kayo. Si Andre, may birthday party sa weekend. Hintayin nyo na lang yung pictures, malamang naman magkukuha-kuha ako dun.

[Listening to: Abandon Ship – April Showers – (3:39)]

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