Relishing film photography again

First off, here’s the latest addition to my Food set at Flickr:

green curry chicken

Second, here’s a really simple solution -derived from informal ‘Jay’s arts-and-crafts school‘ and his page– to something that has bothered me with my vintage cameras:


How to put a camera strap on a vintage FSU (Former Soviet Union) camera with strap lugs


  • cheap dog leash (mine was sold at 50p)
  • 2 key rings (try to stretch the key ring; if it does stretch, its too weak. try to look for a stronger equivalent)
  • super glue (if you can turn your camera’s strap lugs, you need this; if the lugs don’t budge, this is optional)


  1. Cut the other end of the dog leash, the one without the loop. Leave the loop -the other end- where you’re supposed to be if you were to use the leash properly.
  2. Reinforce the strap lugs -if you can move/turn them- by applying super glue from the inside, where the lugs are fastened.
  3. Install the key rings on the strap lugs.
  4. Secure the loop end to one key ring, and tie the other end to the other key ring. You can expose the end that was cut to fire, so you won’t have a strap with loose fabric.

Lastly, I was at the Booksale bargain bookstore at the nearest mall yesterday, and I was assaulted by half-a-dozen photography books! After reading the titles, I had to do the most reasonable thing after: inspect my wallet for appropriate funds! (Poor wallet :() Due to a personal financial crisis, I bought the cheapest one on Color Photography by Robert Hirsch. I already have a few books dealing wtih the basic stuff anyway.

As a postscript, I still can’t say I’ve had a very productive period with 35mm. Sadly, my best period so far is still the one where I was using my Holga the most. Need to use my rangefinders more.

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