The Official Announcement

If you, dear reader, have been reading my posts for the past half-a-year, I’ve been a hardly useful load of lard typing away almost everyday in the wee hours of the morning, with minimal worries at all, except what to cook for dinner. That will stop though, and preperations will be made once I get more info about my new job.

Yes, I was given a job offer yesterday morning, and made my confirmation a few hours ago. It’s tech support work again, but it will be in the land where Lucky film is made (figure that out for yourself). Nothing extremely special about the job package, but it does solve the employment problem. Also, just the idea gives the folks some excitement and hope, since I’ve finally considered overseas work.

Initial worries include:

  • Which cameras to bring
  • How in hell will I be able to edit my photos? Feasible solution: load a copy of Irfanview on my CF card.
  • Yes, the thought of buying a laptop comes to mind. It’s hard to imagine myself not also in front of the computer before or after work. Desktop? Unlikely choice, since I can’t bring the entire thing back to Bulacan, but if a really cheap rig is possible, its a consideration. The most important thing I need would be storage (for photos; music?) anyway. Uh, Linux or Windows? Am I that willing to pay for Windows? Am I also that willing to give up on Photoshop CS 2 (Can it actually run on WINE?)?
  • Good and cheap photolabs in the area. I’m expecting film photopgraphy to still be existent.

Freaky geek, I know.

Besides that, all other worries are basic (foodshelterclothing). Oh, I dearly hope I can bear the cold.


UPDATE: Thanks Kim for suggesting a barebones chassis‘d desktop as an option for my dilemma.

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2 thoughts on “The Official Announcement”

  1. Ei man congrats on the new job! If you need help adjusting, I’ll hook you up with two friends formerly from my department who are working in you-know-where now.

    Daming sassy girls daw dun! hahaha

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