Portable-drive pimpin’, as well as other stuff

My latest PTB post: The Pimp-the-Portable-USB-Drive-Project. Originally intended for this blog, but I wanted to post original content there, instead of my usual blockquoting the digg posts.


Menu for the week includes: sinigang na bangus sa miso, turong suka/pritong lumpia, kare-kare. Intended to settle for the faves, since future work would either fall on the last week of this month, or first week of November. Already commissioned a travel agent to work on my passport. Hesitated at first, but my kuya prodded me that it was the more practical option. Would probably do a short solo street-photography-at-the-baywalk thing on Tuesday, when I’m scheduled to show my face at the Foreign Affairs department.

I’m actually only half-excited, since my National Geographic/Discovery Channel ideas of my future work destination may not meet my high expectations. Damn Wong Kar Wai and Christopher Doyle also for feeding me with cheongsam’d woman images and the prettiest orange lighting.

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