On DVD: Tori Amos, and Baise Moi

Tori Amos: Welcome to Sunny Florida (2004)

Tori sings eighteen songs on the last show of her Scarlet’s Walk tour, and appears less of the angry sexpot on the piano we’ve been familiar with. Instead, we get an older, almost-subdued music Venus. She sings more of her newer work, and provides a fresher treatment to the older stuff. Covers? Tori notoriously makes the unlikeliest of covers, and here she rehashes the impromptu lounge jazz standard sort, lovingly executed in that funny and mellow vibe I didn’t expect to hear from a spirit swimming, supposedly, in angst. Yes, Norah Jones, pray that Tori doesn’t tread your path.


Baise Moi (2000)

By porn actresses, starring porn actresses, and most of the cotnent online regarding the film revolves around the relentless sex, the ultra-violence, how it was banned -in its very liberal home, France, at that- why it was banned, etc. How was the film branded as one of the most controversial, most graphic films of our time? Not an entire waste, but the hype is unnecessary. Half of the violent scenes were poorly executed, and beside the sharp visual tacks put in your eyes while watching, I regret that major publications rated this as original at all. The film’s salvation, however, lies surprisingly in the leads’ credible acting, and a raw serving of a semblance of directing talent. Again, its not that bad, and its almost watchable. If you can see Cannibal Holocaust in full -I still haven’t- you can easily see Base Moi, since you’re probably one of those sick, sick video collectors.

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