Updates via PTB and Litratista.org

Latest PTB article: Apple Introduces Aperture for Pro Photographers.


Since feedback on Litratista.org has been largely positive, its time to address the market that read the articles on the site, but don’t necessarily understand everything. Hence, I believe its time the wiki subdomain Kim and I have been discussing -promptly after receiving the feedback- is implemented, mainly to serve as a more organized linkage databank for existing articles, and it could probably grow as a worthy resource in time.


Downloading OpenOffice.org 2 Final. Oh, I wished there was an easier and faster way to do this over a dial-up connection (and yes, I’m using a download manager for this).

[Listening to: On the Sunny Side of the Street – Pizzicato Five – Big Hits & Jetlags: 1991-1995 (6:28)]

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