Blogging: A Powerful Medium for Journalists

ANC‘s Karmina Constantino is currently interviewing Vergel Santos, of the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility on the topic Blogging: A Powerful Medium for Journalists. The roughly 10-minute interview started with 5 minutes on satire as a method of reporting current affairs, a minute to answer one question about blogging, and the rest to discuss how different press freedom was during Martial Law and now. Afterwards, the topic was completely dropped, and was veered to the People’s Court talk.

Certainly, I’m disappointed about this was handled, or, more specifically, how this interview was touted to be. They’re still at it as I type (post the 10 minute mark I’ve made), and the content has shifted to media coverage, bias, spins, which can easily be integrated onto the blogging topic again. Ricky Carandang could’ve made a more effective interviewer, even interviewee, since he blogs.

Feedback time: a viewer, a professed blog addict -a much-abused, earache of a title- encourages everyone to blog. Santos agrees, but emphasizes that blogging is just a fad. Fad? Its been healthy, strong, and downright influential for half-a-decade now, and considering how this has become the source of revenue for a good number of people -and how this has been a practice springboard for the soon very illutstrious career of the SEO– there’s definitely a remote chance of this dying down.

Interview just done. Insert weather report. Looks like the rains won’t be stopping for the next few days.

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