Blog title is the same one I used for a poem in my creative writing class in college, about a couple in a doomed spaceship, sun-bound. Go figure.

So, packing was a pain. The 20kg restriction on baggage reeks. I sure do hope the China clothes are true to their cheap reputation, since I really don’t have much of a budget to work around with. Oh, and who needs shampoo? (I’m semi-kalbo)

The only light and positive news, I guess, is that as of yesterday, the flight I’ll be in will allow me window seats. Oh goodie, for a plan virgin such as me, this is delightful.


So, Litratista and PinoyTechBlog, please do pardon my inactivity. I’ll get back to you guys once I settle down. Oh, guys, don’t forget to re-read my plea, and consider how this downtrodden individual can really need your help 🙂

Last blog post for the year in the Philippines…

[Listening to: Several Girls Galore – My Bloody Valentine – Isn’t Anything (2:22)]

6 thoughts on “Departure”

  1. di ka man lang nagpa-despedida parteeee!!! kamusta mo na lang kami kay criztalin saka kay jelax, ayaw talga sumunod ni J jan eh … hehehehe … ingat!!

  2. Yay! Comments!

    Kates: Tatlo nga lang dinala kong camera e 🙁 Huhuhuhu. Ok lang, di ko naman makakausap ng intsik yung mga nasa film labs pa e.

    Yuga: Thanks! Sulat? Ano yun? Hehehehe. Blog na lang!

    Jolo: Thanks man!

    Sonny: Wala ako pampaparteee!! Si J, inggit, wala syang nakikitang chinese school gels, like me!

    Keysi: Accdg. to Boing Boing, abundant nga geeks dito. Pero ewan. Pero baduy ang servers ng company ko a, Windows a… Hehehe.

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