Almost the weekend

First work night with a full day’s sleep. Lunch is packed, consisting mostly of fried food, and a spicy eggplant sidedish (I cooked everything). Will be shopping for clothes – I’m severly bad at packing- at Qipu (?) later. Still, the cold I’m infected with won’t go away, and I don’t have any vitamins with me.

More gripes: my skin -face and lips- is now being invisibly scorched by the 20 deg (and lower) weather; I feel odd using so much petroleum jelly on myself; and I always have to buy food with price tags, therefore, I’m almost always buying at supermarkets and convenience stores; on our street alone, there’re probably 4.

More about our street: it’s called Dongbo Road, and there’s an insane number of beauty shops around it, and I was told that if the said shops are still open late at night, and sport pink lights, its a prostitution house.

Trainer present. More kuwento some other time.

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