Back in the fields of Bulacan

Arrived a little before 9PM on Thursday, and the best pasalubong I could bring home was a massive headache. Well, ok, I brought some cheap foodstuff home for a little over 50 kwai to disperse.

My first pinoy meal came in the guise of my fave Jollibee combo: the chickenjoy and spag meal + extra rice. This was taken 20 hours short of my last meal -the shrimp-and-something plane edibles- since I expected to be taken to another physical exam yesterday. Wrong mistake.

As for now, I’d prefer to stay in dont-spend-anything mode, since RMB seems to be an unknown currency for money exchange in the local banks, even HSBC. Any readers (assuming anyone would actively read my crap) who can offer suggestions over this dilemma?


Cheap Breakfast

My pre-breakfast meal (?) before going back to Manila. I was finally able to tell my ShangDong Style Mixed Grain Pancake suki my ideal blend of spices: some chili, less of the usual strong green herb (wansoy?). The purchase and food customization was all done via common-sense sign language.

Lastly, head on over to my Flickr account for more Shanghai photos.

[Listening to: Milestones – John Coltrane & Miles Davis – The Best of Miles Davis and John Coltrane (5:45)]

10 thoughts on “Back in the fields of Bulacan”

  1. raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaainnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    geez, so much for the drama before you left!!! hahaha

    still miss u, dude!!!!!!!!

  2. maya: what drama? i was just pestering people on how i’d bring my cd’s to shanghai. that’s the only drama i remember

    keysi: tenks tenks. buti natuto ka na rin maglagay ng archives. ilan taon mo pinag-aralan yun? tsaka, magpalit ka na rin ng blog theme mo. ang swangit e. hahahaha.

  3. keysi: wala ako alam sa mariang palad mo dyan. lifesize at inflatable gamit ko e. hahahaha.

    maya: talagang swangit si keysi. ang daming ginaya sa blog ko. manggagaya talaga.

    ay, ikaw ba yung nagdrama. awww, haw swit naman. o hala, papasalbungan kita isang damakmak na instant noodles pagbalik ko :p

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