Some Day-Viewings

With some needed me-time to spare, I watched my Chungking Express video, again. No, I’m not missing Shanghai this soon, but I wanted to see a current (ok, the film was made practically a decade ago) Wong Kar Wai China. In sum, its simply a stylized pop-love-story, that will hang on a thread if Faye Wong wasn’t in it. But how does the China depicted in the film contrast or concur to the China I’ve seen? First of all, there isn’t much scenery to compare. As far as the characters go, I can’t say. I only possess impressions than actual interactions with Shanghai locals.

To whet my new-movie appetite, I popped in Motorcycle Diaries. Brief review: I applaud the story-choice of a very interesting pre-Che Guevarra story, but the film didn’t climax, it didn’t burn or sizzle. No, it wasn’t bad, its rather on the good end of movie storytelling, and sufficient acting. Of course, it was the story of an idealist, but I probably expected a bit more grit and grime. Nonetheless, the South America shown in the film was staggering, and beautiful.

Post-filmtalk Note: What Hollywood can learn from anime.

FACT: Most of the time, I don’t feel like I’m losing money when buying anime videos, or that I’m wasting time watching anime tv series. Now, in contrast to that, a true time-waster is trying to find a worthwhile movie on StarMovies, Cinemax, and HBO, combined. I’d rather numb my mind with JackTV, please.

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