So this is how it is as an OFW

I spent the entire rainy day at the POEA offices in Ortigas yesterday, along with everyone else who’d want to leave this god-forsaken country.

But then, of course, if you do know me very well, I would have contrasting sentiments about Pinas. I like it here, except that I was granted an entire year stay with considerable benefits working in China. It is the same China I’ve almost always drooled over by watching the Discovery or National Geographic channels: such wonderful sights, such delectable cuisine.

However, if you are one of those who’ve stumbled in my humble space right now, welcome to loco-land. Hi, I can conform nicely to everyone’s idea of a modern-thinking Pinoy male, but I have edges that easily differentiates me from the whole slew of dim-witted, bar-hopping, basketball/badminton playing dufuses out there.

I digress though. Just looking at the people sitting, running, appearing utterly confused at the entire process at the POEA offices yesterday made me think a little more about the OFW-situation. Sure, I’m not exactly in the position where I needed to sell our carabaos so I can tell my agency to take me somewhere out of the country, but I definitely won’t hold a grudge against these people for losing hope. Especially with Gloria still running things.

PDOS, the mandatory seminar I had to drag my sleep-deprived self through, was the first talk I immersed myself in a long time where I didn’t have to think about computer specs or a camera’s aperture and settings; our PDOS was targetted for OFW’s going to the Middle East, but since my co-workers and I had already secured an early morning Sunday flght, we didn’t have much of a choice. Interesting stories, from the chicken overconsumption, to rape, and more rape stories.

Good thing that I can grow a beard.

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