Several hours before another take-off

Forced myself out of bed noontime, fired up the now-masumpong PC to churn out more songs for the song-toy, where I think I’m hovering over desperate not nearing even half of its capacity. Luggage’s half-packed, and I’ve decided not to proceed to an office-related reunion tonight.

Because, again, I’ll be leaving for Shanghai in a few hours.

Therefore, yesterday, was pamper-myself day. Spa-whores are we -the trio of we’re-not-brothers-we’re-only-bald guys from my ex-office- who were short of running far, far away from Wensha, when we discovered the non-existent male inhibitions in the common bath. We weren’t used to this scenario, and even with the buffet, I’ll guess this places has been marked proceed-only-when-needed, and never-on-Friday-nights.

Next time I’ll blog, it will be using a China IP, and I’ll probably be nestled in several layers of clothing.

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